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National Screenings + Film Festivals

"Showing film to an audience was exciting and emotional. When I heard people laugh at the right places, and cry in the right places, I knew the film was touching them and making them think. That was my second goal. My first goal was to tell the story of an Exchange and the impact it had on the students who participated. I expect Wisconsin audiences to be touched by the story, and was happily surprised that so many people in other parts of the country were too.

I am looking forward to the screenings and discussions at Kaukauna High School, UW-Green Bay and Oshkosh, Lawrence University, the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton and the African Heritage Annual Black History Program - all part of the Northeast WI tour.

This is their story, and I'm proud to share it with them."

- Joanne Williams

Award-Winning Filmmaker,

The Exchange in White America: Kaukauna & King 50 Years Later

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